OX Simulator V1.5 is here!

March 26, 2020 @ 09

You can now have access to the version 1.5 of OX Simulator!

The objective of the v1.5 update is to enrich the solution with a data / information display tool such as the "hierarchy system", the "layers system"...

  • Hierarchy system : Display the whole hierarchy for the project. The hierarchy works like a selection tree, you can select an item to check what is under it. If you select an item in the world, its position inside the hierarchy will be displayed.
  • Layer system : Layers are data that allows an object to be associated with elements of a Digital asset sharing common properties. As objects within the same area or equal properties. In OX Simulator, you will be able to display or dismiss the desired parts of a model. You can also use multi-layering in OX Simulator.

Other features have also been added such as Microsoft joystick compatibility.


You have trouble using the OX products or you have an enhancement request?

Please contact us at: ocws.support@orinox.com