ORINOX accelerates your project deployment

Starting a new AVEVA Project ? Need to improve your digitalization strategy ?

Orinox Master Settings is a set of knowledge to accelerate your AVEVA project deployment. Thanks to documentation and data libraries, your can implement good practices and efficient data management methodologies upon engineering project beginning.

Orinox Master Settings includes:

  • Training: training supports and tutorials to learn AVEVA and ORINOX solutions
  • Documentation Library: good practices and requirement documents of AVEVA Solutions implementation, digitalization project and Orinox Products
  • Data Library: 3D component catalogue, 2D administration templates, project settings, pml macros, pre-configured layouts…

Using Orinox Master Setting is making the most of an AVEVA community experts’ knowledge. Operating across many sectors as accredited services partner of AVEVA, we capitalize the best practices, and provide them to our customers through Orinox Master Settings and all our Orinox Products.

Why use Orinox Master Settings ?

Boost your project start

ORINOX Master Settings allow you to rapidly deploy a project. Don’t start from 0 thanks to requirements documents, template, 3D component catalogue, pre-configured drawing layout...

Enhance quality

Standardize methods and process upon project creation thanks to good practices and requirement documents. Check your data with pml macros.

Increase productivity

Boost your productivity with pre-defined content, process and technologies. Use customizable pml macros to adapt to your issues and avoid repetitive tasks.

Upgrade skills faster

Learn AVEVA and ORINOX Solutions with access to training documents and tutorials, and facilitate the integration of new employees.


Our Master Settings are standards created from +10 years of AVEVA project experiences. They are adaptable to fit your needs and project specificities.

Cost saving

Reduce costs of Software and Tools implementation with process, contents and technologies ready-to-use.

Use case

ORINOX is the best source of expertise to process energy and naval industry. AVEVA Solutions users will be able to save time and costs with Process, Contents and Technologies capitalized in OX Master Settings.

AVEVA Solution implementation

Save time implementing AVEVA Solution thanks to templates and standard data. Don’t start your deployment/project from 0, use more than 10 years of expertise in AVEVA IE&D implementation. Training supports on all AVEVA Solutions, for users and administrators, will allow to upgrade skills to your rhythm.

Digitalization projects

Accelerate your project thanks to process and methods from digitalization experts. Leverage your digital asset and increase effectiveness with OX Master Contents: take advantage of good practices and requirements from experts, for a successful optimized project.

Start using ORINOX Master Settings

Contact us to go further with our document, data and training libraries.