OX Simulator V1.6 is here!

October 08, 2020 @ 09

You can now have access to the version 1.6 of OX Simulator!

The focus of the update is to improve the environment of your project. We added two new tools to help you :

  • Persistent object : It give you the capability to add 3D Objects, NPC, Effects, Sounds, Medias without the need to use or be in a scenario.
  • AI Pathfinding : In order to give life to your scene, we have created a new library : NPC. These NPC can move along a path that will be automatically generated by the points set.

Also, you can now have access to a Measure tool. It let you measure the distance between two points by giving you each length by axes. It's possible as well to constraint your measure to just one axe.

This update is now available to download at: https://cloud.orinox.com/en/services/simulator

Feel free to use it and please send feedback to us: 


You have trouble using the OX products or you have an enhancement request?

Please contact us at: ocws.support@orinox.com