How the OX Workspaces service can adapt to your specific requirements

September 21, 2020 @ 09

For more than 3 years now, OX Cloud services has been providing OX WorkSpaces, the ORINOX VDI solution which integrates all needed applications and gives access to a managed cloud environment, enabling users to fully realize their projects.

Today, 2 types of OX WorkSpaces are available:
- OX WorkSpaces DESIGN, which includes a full NVIDIA GPU for graphics intensive applications, as AVEVA E3D, AUTODESK Navisworks & Revit... Of course, the other commonly used applications, such as the MICROSOFT Office Suite run smoothly on this type of machine.
- OX WorkSpaces ENGINEERING, at a reduced cost, which specifications fulfil all requirements for applications with less usage of 3D ressources, such as AVEVA Engineering, AUTODESK AutoCad, MICROSOFT Office Suite...

Besides these two workspaces types, a library of workspace bundles is made available when suscribing to the OX Workspaces service. These bundles are pre-built workstations with pre-installed applications, such as the MICROSOFT Office Suite, the AUTODESK Suite, the AVEVA Suite... Several of these bundles are made available to allow you to create your cloud-based working environement and start your project in just a few clicks. If your project requires specific applications, ORINOX also provides workspaces bundles creation services to always help you save time with the management of your cloud environement.

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